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Cooperation with National Park Saxon Switzerland

The Elbe Sandstones form a natural unit with many joint historical and cultural elements on both sides of the border between the Czech Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany. Therefore, we maintain a close level of cooperation, not only with the Administration of the Elbe Sandstones PLA, but also with the administrations of the nature protection bodies in the German part of the Elbe Sandstones region.

The basic framework for these joint activities is the “Strategy for the Further Development of Transboundary Cooperation in Nature Protection in Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland”, which was signed by the Bohemian Switzerland NP Administration, Elbe Sandstones PLA Administration and the Saxon Switzerland NP Administration and Forest Office on 17-12-2004.

The main target of and idea behind this cooperation is to adopt a maximally unified approach to the protection and development of Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland (The Elbe Sandstones) as a single unit. This strategy defines the main fields of cooperation and is the basis for the annual cooperation plans, which are agreed and realised by the transboundary thematic working groups (Nature Protection/Monitoring, Forest and Game, Work with the public and Environmental Education, Regulation of Visitors/Nature Rangers).

Further cooperation will be focussed on the following themes:

1.      Nature protection

• Development of the forest and regulation of game animal populations,

• Support for the Silver Fir,

• Methods for dealing with non-native species,

• Ensuring the dynamics of flowing water in border districts,

• The Olšový potok Stream Transboundary Protected Area (PLA),

• Reintroduction of the Hazel Grouse (NP).

2.      Natural research and documentation

• Operating the Transboundary Geographical Information System,

• Documenting the development of the forests,

• Stocktaking in the Elbe valley (PLA),

• Research into the natural environment.

3.      Recreation, education and work with the public

• Recreation,

• Environmental education,

• Work with the general public,

• Visitor regulations and ranger services in protected areas (NP).

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