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Envirnonmental Education and Public Relation

The key target in the field of public usage of the territory of the national park is to ensure the development of sensitive forms of tourist and educational usage of this territory, which will be in accordance with the interests of protecting the natural, landscape and cultural riches of the region. For this purpose, a strategic document will be produced. This document will define specific aims, target groups, forms, methods and specific procedures for systematic and effective work with the public.

Environmental education and awareness

The environmental education work carried out by the NP Administration will focus on informing the general public about the natural and cultural values of the territory and explain about the necessity of protecting these natural and cultural-historical values. Our employees who are responsible for these tasks, predominantly from the Public Relations Department and from the Ranger Service, will utilise a wide range of methods for direct and indirect communication with the public.

Direct communication methods will include:

• Lectures and meetings,

• Educational programmes for children and young people

• Excursions,

• Volunteer work programmes,

• Providing information at visitors centres.

Indirect communication methods will include:

• Competitions,

• Exhibitions and displays,

• Publishing activities,

• Providing educational trails and other elements in the terrain information system.

Tourist and recreational usage of the territory of the national park

In the field of tourist and recreational usage of the territory of the national park the NP Administration will support sensitive forms of these activities, which are in accordance with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, and will cooperate with villages and towns, NGOs, the commercial sector and other bodies to prepare and realise suitable projects.

In accordance with the educational and awareness targets, the NP Administration will support individual tourism on foot (hiking) as the optimal way of introducing the public to the territory of the national park in an active way.  The NP Administration will attempt to regulate mass tourism on foot by supporting and actively cooperating on the provision of certified guiding services.

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