Skrýt nabídku

Kingdom of forests

Forests cover nearly the whole territory of the National Park. However, majority of the original fir-beech primaeval forests had long gone down under strikes of woodman’s axes. People planted out allochthonous species, especially spruces and larches in their places.

Last nature-oriented and scientifically valuable vegetation has been preserved in inaccessible gorges and on high rocks. Cool and shady gorges are also the last place, where in Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland spruces originally grew.

The most important task of the National Park Administration is to change allochthonous, non- native spruce forests into mixed stand and to get rid of exotic tree species, especially of Weymouth pine. In addition to beech, once the most plentiful tree species, also fir, oak, rowan or elm trees have been returned and their plants must be protected by fencing so that deer cannot browse them.

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