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Management of Landscape and Cultural Monuments

Landscape character is defined in Section 12 of Act No. 114/1992 Coll. as “the particular natural, cultural and historical characteristic of a certain place or area, shall be protected from any activity reducing its aesthetic and natural values. Interventions into the landscape character, in particular placing and permitting of buildings, may be carried out only with having regard to the preservation of significant landscape components, specially protected areas, cultural dominant points of the landscape, and harmonious standards and relations in the landscape”. Preserving the typical appearance of the landscape is defined as one of the missions of a national park (Act No. 161/1999 Coll.).

The main target in the protection of landscape character during the term of validity of this management plan, is to preserve the typical appearance of the landscape, as well as the current sensitive usage of the landscape.

The NP Administration concentrates on the urbanized enclaves within the national park, where the aim is to preserve and improve the current urbanistic values of the settlements, while adhering to the basic rules and principles for building in the national park. The management plan also sets out general limits on building work in individual settlements. These limits should permit development at a level which the locality is able to sustain.

Management of cultural monuments and objects of cultural and historical value:

An important aspect of caring for the landscape is caring for small cultural monuments and culturally and historically valuable structures which are integral elements in forming the cultural appearance of the landscape.

Care for these monuments will include:

• Documentary activities (certification, producing detailed databases etc.),
• Practical renewal and maintenance of the monuments.

The NP Administration will cooperate in the care for historic and cultural monuments with other expert organisations (historical monuments bodies, archaeologists etc.).

The targets for the protection of cultural monuments and objects of historical-cultural value are to preserve their historical relevance and to preserve the cultural appearance of the landscape.

The Dolský mlýn Mill locality is a popular tourist destination. This national cultural monument has undergone several phases of conservation work in recent years to stabilize and strengthen the walls and prevent them from collapsing.

The NP Administration is also involved in the renovation and protection of small monuments, such as calvaries and crosses in the landscape.

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