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Monitoring, Research and Documentation

Targets in the field of monitoring and research are:

• Coordinating the monitoring and research which is carried out by external organisations,

• Providing support for external monitoring and research and taking part in such activities, in order that the results of such research and monitoring may be effectively utilized by the NP Administration,

• Carrying out our own monitoring and research, the results of which are important sources of information for management in the national park. This includes “carrying out the necessary stocktaking, natural science research, documentation and investigations in the field of nature protection” (Paragraph 78 from Act No. 114/1992 Coll.).

Main fields of research:

1.      Complex monitoring of the state and development of the natural environment (living and non-living nature), which will focus on the following themes:

• Geology, geochemistry, hydrology and hydrogeology,

• Geodynamic and climatic phenomena,

• Biology,

• Development of forest ecosystems,

• Tourism.

This will include monitoring of the subjects of the protection, which are “the protection of a representative example of the sandstone phenomena in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin”, as well as monitoring the natural phenomena which are the subjects of the protection in the České Švýcarsko (Bohemian Switzerland) SCI and the Labské pískovce (Elbe Sandstones) SPA-Bird Area, in cooperation with the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection in the Czech Republic.

2.  Systematic documentation of living and non-living nature, in close cooperation with the Administrations of Saxon Switzerland NP and the Elbe Sandstones PLA

The aim of our documentation work is to gain complex data on the living and non-living nature in the national park, on the basis of systematic research which uses a unified methodology and covers the whole of the Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland transboundary region. The data on the living and non-living nature which is gained from this research is of fundamental importance when deciding on the most suitable management techniques and when carrying out the state administration.

3.      Actual topics which are specific to Bohemian Switzerland NP.

Monitoring which reacts to the actual problems of protecting the nature and landscape on the territory of the national park. These topics include the risk of rock falls, invasions of Eastern White Pine into natural communities, the development of the area affected by fire in Jetřichovice, the effects of tourism on ecosystems etc.

4.      Monitoring of management measures which have been carried out.

Monitoring which aims to optimalise the management measures on the territory of the national park.

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