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Mysterious world of plants

On sandstones there is only poor and dry soil, where only resistant species of plants can grow, such as lichens, heather, birch and Scot’s pine. More varied life flourishes in gorges on moist and shady rocks, which are covered by cushions of moss, clubmoss, ferns, and here and there also by rare Labrador Tea.

Cold and damp bottoms of gorges are also home for piedmont and mountain species of plants, such as dog thorn, chickweed wintergreen or dog violet that has been growing here as rare specimen since the last glacial period.

Quite different species of plants can be found in broad-leaf forests on basalt and clinkstone hills, which are brightened by a carpet of anemones and other plants in spring. Pepperwort and crowtoe or protected purple lilies also belong to typical species of these altitudes.

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