Skrýt nabídku

Sanctuary for animals

Rocky and wooded country provides ideal conditions for life of many species. Deep forests offer nesting places for a number of birds, e.g. black storks, stock doves, owls or woodpeckers. Rock cracks and tree clefts are occupied by edible and garden dormouses, and several species of bats. Deer and other shy animals can be also seen in the forests. European lynx (bob cat) very rarely strays to this region.

Common raven and also peregrine falcon, which came back to local nature at the turn of the millennium thanks to the environmentalists´ efforts, nest on the rocks again. Thanks to human help also Atlantic salmon returned to the Kamenice River.

Near water you can see common kingfisher, Eurasian dipper, Eurasian otter or fire salamander and other amphibian. A lot of rare species can be also found among invertebrate. An example may be cave cricket or mountain species of beetles.

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