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The visitors' rules of the national park

Dear visitors,

by being considerate, you can also protect the unique nature of the National Park. Please observe a few simple rules:

• In Zone I, please stay on the marked footpaths. In the other zones of the park, you may use marked paths or travel off-trail.

• To cycle and ride a horse, please use only the marked paths, trails and local roads.

• Spending the night and camping is allowed only in the official camp sites (the camp on “Mezní Louka”).

• Please, always keep an eye on your pets and have them on a lead.

• Rock climbing is allowed only on marked towers and rocks, a list of which is avaible in the supplement of the visiting rules.

• Please, do not smoke and do not make a fire in the forests.

• Do not damage the National Park Administration´s equipment and tourist facilities.

• Please, take your waste away, in case of need throw it away into containers designated for this purpose.

• Please, do not damage nature, do not pick plants and flowers and do not hurt animals.

An exhaustive listing of code of conduct in the National Park is specified in the visiting rules, which are at your disposal in the head office of the National Park Administration in Krásná Lípa, in information centres and on the website of the National Park .

The National Park has been established especially for protection and preservation of wildlife. Nevertheless, Bohemian Switzerland is also a place where people live and to which hundreds of thousands of visitors come every year. Therefore, joining the interests of protection of wildlife and people´s needs together has become an integral part of the National Park Administration´s activities.

The territory of the park has been made accessible to the public by dozens of kilometres of foot-paths, cycle and horse paths, a number of climbing objects have been set aside for rock climbers. The administration of both national parks also looks after the safety of tourists and local inhabitants, keeps an eye on dangerous rocks and takes care of infrastructure.

A great attention is also paid to educational activities and public enlightenment. There are four nature trails there, several information centres provide their services to tourists during the holiday season, promotional materials are published and special events for the public are organised.

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