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The zoning of the national park

The zoning bases on Act No. 114/1992 Coll., on the Nature and Landscape Protection. The designation of zones in Bohemian Switzerland National Park is derived from the Ministry of the Environment Decree No. 118/2002 Coll., on the Delimitation of Zones for Nature Protection in Bohemian Switzerland NP from 22-3-2002.

The delimitation of zones reflects the natural values, their vulnerability and level of endangerment and is not directly bound to the management of the territory. This delimitation of zones is static in the short term, but can react to changes in the vulnerability of the territory. For this reason, the zoning in Bohemian Switzerland NP does not state a target condition.

The current zoning reflects the actual needs for protection in the territory (percentages of individual zones: First Zone: 21%, Second Zone: 78%, Third Zone: 1%).

Zonation map of the national park, also as Download (1MB)

During the term of validity of this Management Plan, and taking the current level of usage of the national park into consideration, we are not planning to change the zoning in the national park. However, it may become necessary to change the zoning in the future to relieve the pressure on certain areas of the national park as a result of external influences, such as an extreme increase in visitor numbers.

In this chapter we also refer to the other categories of specially protected area which have been designated on the territory of the NP.

  • Pravčická brána National Nature Monument (2,300 ha)
  • Růžák National Nature Reserve (115.985 ha)
  • Nad Dolským mlýnem Nature Monument (1.349 ha)

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